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R&R Pipeline, Inc. - An Infrastructure Company

WHo We Are

Founded in 1984 and revitalized under the leadership of Cody Thoman and Jacob Emery in 2019, R&R Pipeline Inc. stands as a beacon of safety, quality, and environmental responsibility in the infrastructure sector.

Our approach to installing natural gas, electric, water, telecommunication, and sewer systems across numerous regions is rooted in an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity. 

Utilizing over 35 years of regional expertise, R&R Pipeline is dedicated to meticulously addressing our customers’ diverse needs, a focus that leads to the majority of our projects being renewals from long-standing, satisfied clients. This dedication underlines our status as a trusted partner for your next infrastructure endeavor.

Jacob Emery


Cody Thoman


A Veteran-Owned Company

R&R Pipeline Is Now Officially Designated As A "VETERAN OWNED-BUSINESS” by both the NVBDC & SBA

R&R Pipeline, Inc., is proud to announce our recent transition to a Veteran-Owned Business. This significant development marks a new chapter in our commitment to excellence and service.

“We are pleased to announce this significant milestone in R&R Pipeline’s ongoing evolution. I am honored, as a military veteran, to continue the military legacy of excellence by joining a prestigious group of veteran-owned businesses and serve our great country in a new way."