Customer testimonials

Here What Our Customers Have to Say About R&R Pipeline, Inc.


"R&R Pipeline is a Contractor for Columbia Gas of Ohio who I have worked with for the last 11 years. R&R Pipeline has always been a great company to work with because they are honest and reliable. I have directly worked with R&R Pipeline as a Construction Coordinator, Construction Leader and now as a Operation Center Manager so I have been able to see different aspect of their company and how they handle their business. R&R has and continues to seek ways to get better as a company with the focus on safety and process improvements.

I believe R&R has made some great strides with getting the right people in place on their Leadership Team who help them implement the strategy they have of executing their work plan driving efficiencies and safety.

I am still pleased with our partnership after all of these years."

Del-Co Water Company

“R&R Pipeline is a safety-focused company that is always willing to work with us on ways to effectively resolve unforeseen challenges. Del-Co Water and R&R Pipeline collaborate to finish projects in an efficient and economical manner, while remaining stewards of the environment.”

Hinerman Electrical Services

"R&R Pipeline has been a long-term partner for our Underground Electric installation division. With a focus on safety, the environment, completing jobs timely and on budget, Hinerman Electrical Services and R&R Pipeline will continue to have a long-term community-based partnership for years to come."


"I had the job named Pyro Road assigned to me as Coordinator and R&R Pipeline was the contractor for the late summer and fall of 2021. The project had a firm completion target date of October 31st . The 15,000 feet of 4” medium pressure plastic main would be constructed along State Route 93 and Pyro Road in Oak Hill, Ohio.

The start point tied onto 3” steel and ended at a regulation station. There were two other pipeline companies near the Columbia Gas of Ohio lines. R&R Pipeline did an exception job to ensure that neither TransCanada nor Embridge were negatively impacted during the construction process. If fact, there were numerous locations where R&R Pipeline had to safely maneuver above or below the other pipeline companies. Also, as with most large-scale pipeline projects, there are typically areas of potential environmental impact. The Pyro Road project was no different. During construction, R&R Pipeline was tasked to complete five creek and waterway crossings without any issues. I’m pleased to report that each creek or water crossing was completed without issues.

Upon completion, this job was finished 2 days ahead of schedule and we also had zero customer, environmental, or other utilities issues during the installation of the main line. This entire job required flaggers to be on site for the duration of the job, flaggers were always on site and aware of the risks involved for the work zones.

From start to finish R&R Pipeline installed, restored, and cleaned up the entire job in a timely manner."