Infrastructure that Protects and Connects Communities

At R&R Pipeline, we offer a comprehensive suite of infrastructure services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern communities and industries. Our expertise spans across natural gas pipeline installation, direct burial of electric cables and conduits, and the burgeoning field of telecommunications, where we excel in deploying high-speed fiber optic networks.

Additionally, we are leaders in water and sewer pipeline construction, ensuring vital resources are effectively delivered and managed. Our specialized capabilities include directional drilling, hydro excavation, flat sawing, open trenching, and bespoke infrastructure solutions, all supported by a fleet of advanced construction equipment designed for optimal efficiency and safety.

Natural Gas Pipeline

R&R Pipeline specializes in natural gas infrastructure, utilizing over 35 years of expertise for utility and municipal projects. Our offerings include installation and upgrades of pipelines to support various demands. Services are delivered with a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency, making us a reliable choice for quality natural gas solutions.

  • Specializes in natural gas infrastructure installation and upgrades.
  • Over 35 years of industry expertise.
  • Focus on safety and efficiency in all projects.
  • Trusted provider of high-quality natural gas solutions.


R&R Pipeline delivers specialized services for the electric utility sector, including the direct burial of cables and conduits to modernize and expand electrical infrastructure. Our team operates a specialized fleet equipped to handle a range of construction tasks, ensuring reliability and modern solutions in every project.

  • Specializes in direct burial of electric cables and conduits.
  • Modernizes and expands electrical infrastructure.
  • Operates a specialized fleet for diverse construction tasks.
  • Ensures reliability and modern solutions in electrical projects.


R&R Pipeline offers advanced telecommunications services, specializing in the installation and replacement of high-speed fiber optic cables across various settings. Our expertise includes directional drilling and trenching, ensuring seamless service integration. We are equipped to handle urban, suburban, and rural projects, making us a key player in expanding connectivity.

  • Specializes in fiber optic cable installation and replacement.
  • Expertise in directional drilling and trenching for seamless integration.
  • Capable of handling projects in urban, suburban, and rural settings.
  • Key player in expanding telecommunications connectivity.
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Water Pipeline

R&R Pipeline excels in water pipeline construction, delivering essential services for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our extensive experience spans new installations and upgrades, using advanced materials like ductile iron and plastic pipes. Focused on reliability and sustainability, we ensure water systems meet modern standards.

  • Specializes in constructing and upgrading water pipelines.
  • Serves residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
  • Utilizes advanced materials for durability and compliance.
  • Ensures water systems meet modern standards for reliability and sustainability.


R&R Pipeline provides comprehensive sewer services, specializing in the installation and maintenance of sewer systems integral to water management projects. Our services include everything from basic installations to complex sewer infrastructure work, ensuring effective and environmentally responsible solutions.

  • Specializes in sewer system installation and maintenance.
  • Offers comprehensive services integral to water management projects.
  • Handles both basic installations and complex infrastructure work.
  • Ensures environmentally responsible and effective solutions.

Additional Infrastructure Services

R&R Pipeline enhances its core services with additional capabilities including Directional Drilling, Hydro Excavation, Flat Saw Cutting, Open Trenching for various surfaces, Restoration, and Customized Infrastructure Solutions to meet diverse project needs.

Directional Drilling

Hydrovac Excavation

GPS Services

Soft & Hard Surface Restoration

Our Current Service Territory

R&R Pipeline has service capability for the entire state of Ohio

Map of the state of Ohio that showcases that we provide infrastructure services to the entire state of Ohio

Our Service Capability

R&R Pipeline has the capability to cover various areas of PA, MI, KY, IN, and WV. Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.